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2D list get the real id - help me.

Jan 7, 2014 at 2:10 PM
Hey guys, i really need some help.
When I transfer one element to another side, creates - is an array with the element that is, I need to get the value of the element I'm changing sides however. How I do?

At the moment my code looks like this:
                            <script type="text/javascript">
                                    $("#dentro_projeto, #fora_projeto").dragsort({ dragSelector: "div", dragBetween: true, dragEnd: salvar_lista_usuarios_projeto, placeHolderTemplate: "<li class='placeHolder'><div></div></li>" });

                                    function salvar_lista_usuarios_projeto() {
                                        var lista = $("#dentro_projeto li").map(function() { return $(this).attr('data-itemid'); }).get();

                                        var id_projetos = <?php echo $projeto[0]->id; ?>;
                                        //$.post("", { "ids[]": data });
                                            type: "POST",
                                            url: "../../projeto/atualizar_equipe",
                                            data: {"lista[]": lista,id_projetos:id_projetos},
                                            success: function(data,id_projetos) {
Thank you so much.